The foundation just completed its 2019 Community Grant Awards. As background, our resources for grant making are from individuals who have contributed and established a named fund with the foundation and the charitable interest,intentions, and/or purpose of their gifts. Each year the Clemmons Community Foundation invites grant applications from nonprofit organizations who are seeking funding to provide programs or services in the Clemmons and Lewisville communities or to its residents.  Applications are reviewed and considered by teams of community representatives with final recommendations for funding to our board of directors.  Endorsed applications that the foundation cannot fund from its discretionary dollars are shared with our donor advisors for grant consideration. Within the grants just awarded, there are some exciting new opportunities as well as support to existing programs and services that have been impactful. The following grants have been made possible through the Thad and Mary Bingham Funds, an anonymous fund, and the Community Fund (discretionary).

To see what organizations received the Community Grant Awards, please visit the Recent Grants page.