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Clemmons Feeds Clemmons is a resident-led initiative that will help support our independent, locally owned restaurants in western Forsyth and Davidson counties while also providing meals to our resident families that need it the most. Small businesses are the heart of our towns and will need as much support as we can provide in this difficult time. We will be working to collect donations that will then be used to purchase gift cards to these restaurants.

Through your donation, Clemmons Community Foundation will purchase gift cards for local public school families in need. 100% of donations will go to this cause and every dollar helps make a difference within our community.

Clemmons Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and your gift will be tax deductible. More good news - for 2020, under the CARES Act, up to $300 is tax deductible beyond the standard deduction (be sure to check with your tax advisor!).

How You Can Help

  • Make a donation. Any amount helps as every dollar goes directly back to our community;
  • Spread the Word! Please add/invite your friends to “like” the Facebook group to help reach as many people as possible;
  • How to share with friends not on Facebook? Reach out to Greg Keener, Program Officer, and we can provide you with a write up you can share with other friends about this cause.
Thanks so much for helping these families during this time of need! It means a lot knowing that their community cares!

-- Melissa Lyle-Nipper, Patient Advocate Director, Cancer Services, Inc.