Grant FAQs

Who is eligible for a Clemmons Community Foundation Community Grant?

A nonprofit organization that has an IRS 501(c)(3) letter; registered in the state of North Carolina; with license to solicit funding in the state; and providing programs and services in the greater Lewisville, Clemmons, and Yadkin County area.

How do I apply for a grant?

To apply for a grant, please review which are open.  If you have any questions about the grant cycle or have interest in submitting funding for a different project, please contact us at 336-663-6794 or email Program Officer Greg Keener at

How many applications may an agency submit during each grant cycle?

Organizations may submit up to two project proposals for each grant cycle. Each proposal will be reviewed and scored separately.

If we currently have funding from CCF, are we eligible to apply again?

Yes, if you have received funding from the Clemmons Community Foundation, you may apply for funding for additional projects. Although, you will only be eligible to receive funding, if all reporting is up-to-date.

When are grant decisions released?

Grant decision dates are announced with the grant cycles. Details about the grant cycle, decisions, and deadlines are released at least 6 weeks prior to the grant deadline.

Does CCF make out-of-cycle grants?

At this time CCF does not accept out-of-cycle grant applications, unless solicited on behalf of a donor advisor.

How do I submit reports?

You can submit reports and requested documents by logging into our grant and scholarship portal. If you are having trouble accessing your portal or need log-in information, please contact us at 336-663-6794 or email Program Officer Greg Keener at

When/How can I submit a budget revision, extension, carry-over, or change in project director/contact?

If you need to make budget revisions, extension, carry-over,or change any contact information; you must first contact us at 336-663-6794 or email Greg Keener at